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Salary: $6,191.00 - $7,903.00
Posted: 01/05/2012

Job Description:
Job Information: Due to the current Governor’s Hiring Freeze order, this position is subject to hiring freeze requirements. Appointments may be subject to a freeze exemption approval and clearance of the State Restriction of Appointment (SROA), Departmental Restriction of Appointment (DROA) lists and or Reemployment lists. This position may be hired on a limited term basis due to hiring restrictions, but may become permanent at a later date. WHO MAY APPLY: Those who have list eligibility, transfer eligibility and those who have reinstatement rights to this classification may apply. T&D and other methods of appointments may be considered. Applications should indicate the classification, location, and position number you are applying for. Your application should also indicate the type of eligibility (e.g. list, transfer reinstatement, etc) you have in order to be appointed to this position. All applications will be screened and only the most qualified interviewed. If interested, please submit a completed State Application (STD.678) to the contact address. The State Application (STD.678) may be downloaded from www.jobs.ca.gov. For information on how to become a state employee refer to: www. jobs.ca.gov Job Description: SUPERVISOR OF ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION In a correctional facility where two supervisory levels are required, positions in this class are used to supervise all or a portion of the academic program under the direction of the next higher class Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs. Plans and assigns work, gives instruction, maintains discipline, evaluates performance, and resolves educational and administrative problems involved in the supervision of the work of teachers and students in a State correctional facility; assists in planning and developing remedial, elementary, and secondary school curricula suited to the needs and aptitudes of students; assists in coordinating the educational program with other institution activities; cooperates with the Supervisor of Vocational Instruction to correlate the academic and vocational instruction programs; recommends the adoption of textbooks and teaching methods and procedures; may teach classes in various subjects; administers or supervises the administration, evaluation, and interpretation of standard psychological, personality, interest, aptitude, and educational tests; confers with and counsels students and assigns them to proper courses of study, including correspondence courses; assists teachers with problems of discipline and instruction; does research work and makes special studies regarding the rehabilitation of problem students; assists in planning and conducting assembly programs; assists in planning the recreational programs of the School; confers with educators in other school systems; attends conferences and treatment team meetings; orders school equipment and supplies; keeps records and prepares reports; maintains order and supervises the conduct of persons committed to the Departments of Corrections and the Youth Authority; prevents escapes and injury by these persons to themselves or others or to property; maintains security of working areas and work materials; inspects premises and searches inmates, wards, residents, or patients for contraband, such as weapons or illegal drugs. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Possession of a valid standard administration or supervision credential or a credential or life diploma of equivalent authorization issued under authority of the Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing. (Applicants who do not possess the required credential will be admitted to the examination, but must secure the credential before they will be considered eligible for appointment.) AND Two years of administrative, supervisory, or academic teaching experience in an elementary or a secondary school system.

Additional Information:
Working Title Position Number
Supervisor of Academic Instruction 444 - 231 - 2305 - XXX
Location County
Ironwood State Prison - BLYTHE, CA RIVERSIDE
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
03/07/2013 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Personnel - Delegated Testing
PO Box 2229
Blythe, 92226
Alicia Alvarado
(760) 921-3000, ext. 5403

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